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Over the course of the pandemic, I had an opportunity to work in the digital sphere for the first time. I produced and directed original, site-specific radio plays, which Cardinal Stage commissioned from local playwrights. I got to bring Adam Gwon's beautiful musical Ordinary Days to our audience through a remote production, collaborating with artists from all across the country. I hosted live events and directed pre-recorded performances, I even got to be a guest on a podcast! It was all fun and challenging and pushed me artistically, which I loved. 

The Women in the Woods

By Emily Goodson and Josie Gingrich
A 4-episode site-specific radio play

This was such a fun project! Emily and Josie worked incredibly well together and dreamt up a really fun, spooky, supernatural story that blended actual Bloomington history and with a superhero narrative. Performed by local actors with sound design by Robert Hornbostel. 

Ordinary Days

By Adam Gwon

This was a beast. We had 4 actors in 4 different states and 3 different time zones, all recording audio and video from their homes with green screens and makeshift lighting. We approached this piece as an extended music video, which I think turned out really well. Ray Fellman was our Musical Director and Alyssa Gomez (Co-op Productions) was our Video Editor. Robert Hornbostel was Sound Designer/Editor. 

Cardinal Cabarets

Home for the Holidays, Swing into Spring

I was proud to give Cardinal artists a chance to share their talents, even while all of us were locked down in our homes. For these livestreams, we pre-recorded all the performances and had live hosts interact with each other and audience members during each show. We had a great time playing around with some of our favorite songs! 


While the Applause is Paused
with Lacey Tucker

Theater artist Lacey Tucker interviewed me for her pandemic-inspired podcast to talk about all the things that we were doing at Cardinal Stage to keep making art while standard performances were shut down. 

Every Brilliant Thing Feature on Gratitude

During rehearsals for Every Brilliant Thing, my first live production since March 2020, I sat down with star Diane Kondrat and community leader Rev. Mary Ann Maklin to talk about gratitude and the show's other themes. 

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