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Communication Coaching for Business

Confidence makes a difference...In the competitive world of business, effective communication is often the key to success. Whether it's captivating an audience during a high-stakes presentation, making your mark at your next interview, or building strong relationships with your clients, the ability to convey ideas with confidence and precision can make all the difference. My goal is to empower individuals to unlock their full potential by applying theatrical techniques in a business setting.


Coaching makes a difference...As an award-winning theater director with executive experience in non-profit management, I bring both artistic and leadership skills to my coaching practice.

Collaboration makes a difference..."Kate’s communication coaching helps individuals hone their self-confidence, create a compelling story, and optimize body language to leave a memorable and lasting impression. She creates a safe space to explore, discover, and practice to find your unique voice and let it shine! " -Caroline Dowd-Higgins Speaker *Executive Coach * Author * Media Host

Kate Galvin is seasoned theater director and casting director boasting an impressive 20-year career. In that time, Kate has auditioned thousands of actors and made countless hiring decisions, providing her with invaluable insights into the dynamics of creating a compelling first impression. As an award-winning theater director and accomplished non-profit executive, Kate seamlessly blends her artistic flair with leadership finesse in her coaching practice. 

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