I came to directing after years of casting plays and musicals. I have a great interest in new work and I've been lucky enough to be involved in several World Premieres and developmental workshops.

I am drawn to contemporary dramas, as well as plays and musicals with some historical context. I am especially passionate about new musicals. The daunting task of molding a story into a form that makes an emotional connection with the audience is exciting to me and I thrive on the close collaboration with the many artists it takes to create a brand new work of theater.

I work hard and I firmly believe that theater should be fun! 



What critics are saying...

Xanadu at Pittsburgh CLO Cabaret

"Director Kate Galvin has given the show another facelift by reducing the cast...This innovation allows for tons of imaginative doubling and fun interactions with the cast, the audience, and the band. Five actors may be playing upwards of double that amount of roles, but there is not an ounce of strain evident among them. Each member of the company was superlative in their own special way." - Brian Pope, Pittsburgh in the Round

Lizzie at 11th Hour Theatre Company

"Lizzie succeeds not only in provoking thought, but also in entertaining and appealing to a younger generation of theatergoers. It puts an intriguing rock-and-roll spin on the notorious titular character and the still-unsolved homicides, and considers the plight of women in Victorian times through a new empathetic feminist lens. Win/win!" - Deb Miller, DC Metro Theater Arts

Buyer and Cellar at Portland Stage Company

"Kate Galvin directs with a taut, fast paced manner, choosing understatement over flamboyance...[Dustin Tucker] accomplishes all this with a genuineness that avoids caricature and impersonation and seeks only to find the inner truth and humanity in the roles. Buyer & Cellar is a polished, moving, vibrant theatrical experience not to be missed." - Carla Maria Verdino-Süllwold,

Creep at WaterTower Theatre

"Creep, the new ghoulish musical written and composed by Dallas actor Donald Fowler, begins with a pitch-black blood-curdling scream and ends with a well-earned gasp from the audience. In between these scary bookends is a sinisterly good musical about the real-life serial killer Jack the Ripper." - Drew Jackson, Edge Dallas


Named #1 Production of 2015 by Dallas Morning News


Midsummer - a play with songs at Inis Nua Theatre Company

"But the true joy of this piece stems from Filios and DelMarcelle's captivating performances...They craft unique, compelling portraits of two frustrated souls, lost at midlife but still searching. Under Kate Galvin's exquisitely timed direction, their he said/she said reenactments of scenes ebb and flow, once in a punchline, next in a soft moment of discovery." - Jim Rutter, The Philadelphia Inquirer


Other Desert Cities at Walnut Street Theatre

"Under the fluid and assured hand of director Kate Galvin, the Walnut’s Other Desert Cities is visually handsome and well acted across the’s an improvement over the Broadway version — on Broadway, it was hard to forget we were watching a series of bravura star turns. This ensemble actually feels convincingly like a family." - David Anthony Fox, City Paper

Vincent in Brixton at Walnut Street Theatre

"Director Kate Galvin's production is exquisite in every way, from a perfect cast led by [Mary] Martello to Thom Weavers's richly detailed kitchen set and masterful lighting." - Mark Cofta, City Paper

Proof at Walnut Street Theatre

“This luminous production, directed by Kate Galvin, invites you onto the porch  and into the lives of four interesting people… Another nice change is how much more coherent and moving the script itself seemed to me in this production, having seen both the original New York production and, a few years later, a local production… All the performances are tender and subtle and absolutely convincing. “ – Toby Zinman, The Philadelphia Inquirer

Want to know more? You can check out my full resume here

11th Hour's production of LIZZIE took home the 2017 Barrymore Awards for Outstanding Direction of a Musical, Outstanding Overall Production of a Musical, Outstanding Musical Direction, Outstanding Ensemble in a Musical and Outstanding Leading Actress in a Musical. 

A sampling of production shots from Musicals...


 ...the same, for Plays.


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