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I came to directing after years of casting plays and musicals. ​I am drawn to contemporary dramas, as well as plays and musicals with some historical context. I am especially passionate about new musicals and I love telling stories about strong women. I want to make theater that not only entertains, but also engages the audience members' minds and touches their souls. Theater should help us all - artists and audiences alike - to feel less alone in the world. 

I work hard and I firmly believe that making theater should be fun! I am a leader who believes the best idea wins and I thrive on the close collaboration with the many artists it takes to create a production.

Under the fluid and assured hand of director Kate Galvin, the Walnut’s Other Desert Cities is visually handsome and well-acted across the’s an improvement over the Broadway version — on Broadway, it was hard to forget we were watching a series of bravura star turns. This ensemble actually feels convincingly like a family.

David Anthony Fox (City Paper) on OTHER DESERT CITIES at Walnut Street Theatre

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