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Performing in a show is very different than performing in an audition. The process of going through rehearsal with an ensemble and a director, music director and choreographer guiding the group with their vision of the show is a lot more collaborative than sitting alone in your room working on sides or practicing your monologue. The expectations from a casting director or director are different too. 

Audition preparation doesn't have to be a lonely, one-sided process. I have coached many students over the past 10 years on their audition material and made them feel more comfortable and confident when they walk in the door on the big day. With experience on both sides of the table, I am able to help actors work through their material from an acting perspective and also offer them guidance on their personal presentation and choice of audition material. 

Many actors worry that they can't afford an audition coach, and I am very sympathetic to the demands of a starving artist's lifestyle. I offer affordable rates for monologue and song coaching, and am able to recommend a number of good accompanists to work with us at a musical session. 

I've taught Masterclasses in Audition Technique and the Business of the Business at many Philadelphia-area colleges: 



I've coached a wide range of students from teens to working professionals. You too can feel more confident about your audition material!

“I have learned so much and feel much more prepared for auditioning in musical theater.”

“Everyone thought it was great. More important, it was a very positive experience for [our daughter]…[she] loved the class, the kids and you.”

“I appreciate your honest feedback about everything from our dress, our songs, age range and headshots.”

“[Our daughter] had a wonderful time and would love to do another workshop with you again sometime soon!”

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